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Best types of carpets for stairs


Choosing a carpet type for stairs can be a difficult decision and vary from what you would use in a bedroom or lounge. You stairs get a lot of use and risk being word down much more than other parts of the home, this is why thickness and durability can make all the difference.




As mentioned your stairs are a high traffic area and although usually the two main buying decisions for carpets are price and look the durability should be a main priority if you are looking for your carpet to last a long time. There are a couple of key points you should ask about when trying to learn a carpets durability. First you need to learn about the density of the carpet, how close together the fibers are stitched. Secondly you need to learn about the fibres and how the carpet is manufactured, don’t be afraid to ask about what synthetic fibres are used such as nylon and polypropylene.


Price should affect your material choice


Not everyone can afford to break the bank when carpeting their stairs. You already know your stairs get a lot of traffic so it is sensible to think to get the best quality material. Many people pick wool or loop carpets and while these choices are great for the high quality carpets a low quality wool carpet can be a disaster of a choice. Often a medium quality fibre carpet can easily out perform a low quality wool one. Don’t be afraid to ask your installer for their advice and mention your budget as this will greatly affect which material is the best investment for you.   


Picking the right design


Picking a beautiful carpet for your stairs can really add to the feel of your home. There are a vast range of colours and designs to choose from however there are a few key things to look for to make your right choice. Do your stairs already have the potential to look nice without carpets and have a good quality wood texture? If so then you may want a carpet that doesn’t cover the entirety of you stairs. This has become a very popular design trend over the years by simply having a beautiful carpet design but still showing the natural wood of your stairs on either side looks great and can really make your staircase a feature of your home. Another popular trend now is picking a carpet with patterns or stripes, while this choice will often over power a larger room it can look beautiful on a staircase and really make it standout.  


Check for a guarantee


Weather it be a guarantee from the manufacturer or the installer always be sure to check if there is one available. Even if you use the same carpet for your stairs as you do your living room your guarantee may not cover your home stairs in some cases. This is why it is important to be thorough with your questions and ask your expert installer before purchasing.




Speaking of installers it is important to choose how you want your carpet fitted. Although possible to do it yourself it can be very time consuming and risks being poorly fitted if you have little experience doing so. However picking a poor installer can be just as bad, be sure to check their work and read their reviews before making any buying decision. Luckily now a lot of good installers are now offering installation included in the price. So you won’t be hit with a big fee after buying the carpet.

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