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Welcome to the Decontamin8 frequently asked questions. Browse some questions and answers that are frequently asked to us by our existing clients. If you can find an answer to a question you are looking for, then feel free to contact the Decontamin8 team today.

Decontamin8 Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Decontamination Do?

Our decontamination will remove adverse microbial life from the environment including fungal spores. Fungi, viruses and bacteria.

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning involves the cleaning of space using appropriate cleaning products to best tackle any dirt or bacteria outbreak. A deep clean will be the best method to reduce risk of any outbreaks. A complete deep cleaning service will encompass every part of your building including walls, floors, ceilings, surface, appliances and equipment.

How Often Should We Clean Our Premises?

A detailed risk assessment of your premises should dictate the length of time in-between cleans as often the time periods will vary based on your building, its age and the occupants frequently within it.

Decontamin8 can work closely with you to construct a dedicated cleaning schedule to ensure you are staying on top of the hygiene of your premises and have consistent deep cleans planned and booked in.

How Do I Limit MRSA Outbreaks?

MRSA can cause serious issue in enclosed environments especially in clinics or care facilities. If you believe you have a MRSA outbreak, then it is recommended you contact Decontamin8 as quickly as possible so their team can assist you in preventing or taking care of the outbreak. From that point Decontamin8 can advise you on the best practices to help you limit future MRSA outbreaks.

How Do You Prevent Bug Outbreaks?

Regular deep cleans and intermittent decontamination is the best ways to reduce the risk of “super bug” outbreaks. Super bugs can be devastating to ant business and their customers especially in clinical or medical fields. Decontamin8 can provide you with regular deep cleans and decontamination services that will comply with any legislation around your industry.

Who Do You Provide Your Decontamination Service To?

Decontamin8 offer their decontamination, deep cleaning and pest control services to all commercial businesses within the UK. From hotels to doctors surgeries Decontamin8 have the experience you need to ensure that your problems are dealt with.

Are your cleaners fully trained?

Yes. All our team are fully trained to deal with any types of pests, outbreaks or decontamination needs. Our teams undergo regular scrutiny and training to ensure they are providing an industry leading service.

Do you carry out regular quality control and supervision?

Yes. All cleaners and decontamination specialists will work under the supervision of a project manager who will assess their performance and ensure quality control so Decontamin8 can ensure you are getting the highest standard of service.

Can your cleaners lock and alarm the building?

Yes. All our cleaning mangers can lock and alarm your building to ensure it is safely secured after any work has been completed.

What Are Your Operating Hours?

Decontamin8 is available 24 hours a day for you to contact. This is to ensure we can get on site to any outbreak emergency as quickly as possible.

Do You Offer Emergency Call Outs?

Yes. Decontamin8 offer emergency call outs and can get to your site within a matter of hours dependant of location.

Do I pay for an estimate/ quote?

No. All quotes and estimates from decontamin8 are completely free and no obligation.

Do You Offer Cleaning Contracts?

Yes. Decontamin8 offer a range of cleaning contracts.

Contracts we offer are:

– Weekly
– Bi-Weekly
– Monthly
– Quarterly

What Does a Discreet Service Entail?

Decontamin8 know clients may not want decontamination and deep cleaning vans seen outside their premises. Decontamin8 can visit your business in unmarked vehicles and uniforms. Decontamin8 will also be able to use any side or rear entrances to your business that are not public facing.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Decontamin8 are fully insured to cover our work and the safety of our employees. It is best practice to check your insurance prior to work being completed.

Do You Offer Guarantees?

Yes. Decontamin8 will always guarantee the quality of their work ensuring you know you are covered should anything go wrong after our work has been completed.

What is Your Cancellation Process?

Decontamin8 allow cancellations. If you wish to cancel your service, then you will need to contact us 48 hours prior to the start date we have organised with you.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

Decontamin8 accept all major payment methods.


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What Our Clients Say

See what Decontamin8 clients are saying about their service and expereince. Decontamin8 offer a nationwide service that is avaiavle 24 hours a  day.

Rodent Extermination

Excellent customer service and did a professional job. Had a minor problem along the way but Mark (the owner) was very nice and helpful. He personally came to my house straight away to correct the mistake! Would highly recommend their services.

Theresa DiPerna

 Flea & Mite Extermination

Mark was very helpful, gave professional advice and he listened well, making sure , that I, the customer felt comfortable and assured that I had chosen the company that was best for me, that I did, I. Would highly recommend , thank you mark.

Lisa Knox

 Pest Control

Me and my team would love to thank everyone at Deontamin8 for their reliable and professional service. There were able to get rid of all pests in our building so we could get to opening the restaurant. Brilliant service.

Susan Chalmers

 Pest Control

Had to close my workshop due to an insect infestation. Decontamin8 were very knowledgeable and able to get us up and running in no time at all.

Kevin Davies

 Pest & Insect Removal

Decontamin8 removed all pests and insects from my office building. They used unbranded vans and work clothes to maintain privacy for my company. I’m very impressed with the work that has been done and will use again.

M Webber

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